Praman T&C

Welcome to Praman. It is a B2B marketplace owned and operated by Intello Labs Private Limited, a company registered in India (“Intello Labs”, "we", "us" and "our") and accessible via online platform operated by Intello Labs accessible at (“Praman Platform”) by any person whose application to use the Praman Platform we accept ("you", "your"). 

By using the Praman app or this website, you are accepting these terms and conditions in full and shall be legally bound to said terms and conditions, so you should read them carefully. Access to and use of Praman depends solely on the acceptance of these Terms and Conditions. 

You can sell and purchase the Agricultural Products on Praman platform in accordance with terms and conditions provided herein and the Agreement executed by you with us and the Seller/Purchaser (as applicable).

Praman will charge a commission of 2% on such trades and may provide incentives or discounts based on the schemes prevailing during the time of trade

Praman takes pride in its ability to bring transparency in the sale and purchase of Agricultural Products by providing quality reports regarding each Agricultural Product exhibited on the Praman Platform. In order to ensure that the Agricultural Product being sold on the Praman Platform, Intello Labs provides a quality assaying report in the format provided here. No Agricultural Product can be exhibited on the Praman Platform without the quality report issued, checked or verified by us. For rendering the quality assaying services, we charge a quality assaying fee which is reflected in the payments page before the sale is completed. 

Praman will charge a Quality Assessment fee of 0.5%  of the trade value on such trades. 

5.1 You undertake not to directly contract or make any direct payments to other Users of the Praman Platform network, with whom he/she/it has had contacts through this network, other than through the Praman Platform.

5.2 You further undertake not to create, copy, reproduce, modify or use in any way any content of the Praman Platform, and not to use works and requests that have been made known to him/her/it by this means directly with the Seller. 

5.3 You agree not to use services for purposes other than those for which they are intended, namely illicit purposes.

5.4 You undertake not to send to third parties or otherwise disclose any request existing in the Praman Platform or to distribute or publicly display any content of the Praman Platform without our prior and express permission unless such communication is expressly permitted under these Terms and Conditions.

5.5 The content published by you on the Praman Platform is owned by you. However, you assign to Praman Platform, to the extent permitted by law, a free and perpetual license to use, copy, modify, create derivative works, distribute, perform in any way, or otherwise exploit the content in all formats and distribution channels, without the need for any prior notice to you or your consent and without there being any compensation to this effect.

5.6 You further declare that:

5.7 Upon knowledge of any violation or potential violation of these Terms and Conditions, Praman reserves the right (but shall have no obligation) to decide whether you meet the requirements of these Terms and Conditions and may, at any time and without prior notice, terminate any User’s access to the Praman Platform.

5.8 The conditions applicable to the processing of your personal data that may be collected by us, directly or through the Praman Platform, are best described in the Privacy Policy of Praman and its partners, available on the privacy web page. 

5.9 You undertake to respect the personal data submitted in the Praman Platform, namely not to proceed to its disclosure, publication or interception.

5.10 You are responsible for obtaining the necessary access to the data network in order to use the services provided by the Praman Platform. The fees and rates of the data and messages network of your mobile equipment may apply, should you access or use the Services from a wireless device, and you are responsible for paying such fees and rates. You are responsible for acquiring and updating the equipment or devices required to access and use the services and any updates thereof. The Praman Platform services may be subject to failures and / or delays inherent to the use of the Internet and electronic communications. We do not guarantee the operation of the Praman Platform or that the Praman Platform services or any part thereof will work on a particular equipment or device. 

5.11 Praman may provide the details regarding the trades executed on the Praman Platform to the User through sms and email alerts.  Such information is provided at the request of the User only for their convenience. This is an additional facility provided by Praman Platform. User should not solely rely or use such data for any purpose and, Praman shall not be liable for any direct or indirect loss of any nature because of providing this additional facility. 

5.12 The Users agree to provide correct information, making payment as per agreed terms and trade in good faith. 

6.1  There is no relationship between us, the Customer, and the Seller other than the availability of the Praman Platform, as provided in these Terms and Conditions and the Agreement executed between the Buyer, Seller and Praman. The Customer acknowledges that the purchase and sale of Agricultural Products provided by the Sellers, which act on their own account and responsibility, and that we are not, in any way, part of the contractual relationship established between the Customer and the Seller.

6.2 We are not responsible for the execution of the agreement between Customer and the Seller, for the proper performance of the agreement signed between them, for the fulfilment of any conditions agreed between the Customer and the Seller or for the suitability, safety and competence of the Agricultural Product purchased from the Seller. We are therefore not responsible for the payment of the Agricultural Products by the Customer. 

6.3 Similarly, we are not liable before the User and / or any third party for any direct or indirect damages, warranties, lost profits or any damages that may result from the contractual relationship between the Customer and the Seller. The Customer accepts all risk arising from any Agricultural Products and / or services request. Under no circumstances shall our aggregate liability for any transaction undertaken on Praman Platform shall be more than the quality assaying fee paid in respect of such transaction.

6.4 The supplies are performed with full autonomy and independence by the Seller.

6.5  We use our reasonable commercial efforts to ensure that the Sellers registered in the Praman Platform network perform their obligation to supply the Agricultural Products.

6.6  Notwithstanding the foregoing, we are not responsible for, nor do we guarantee, the fulfilment of any requirements or conditions necessary for the sale of Agricultural Products by the Sellers, namely,

6.7 We are not responsible in any way for:

6.8 The information available on the Praman Platform concerning the Agricultural Products, the Sellers, and the Customers is provided by the Users. We assume no responsibility for any error, omission, inaccuracy or falsity of the information transmitted by the Users. Intello Labs is in no way responsible for the information contained in the Praman Platform.

6.9 The Praman Platform may be made available or accessible within the scope of a third-party service and content outside of our control. The User acknowledges that the use of third-party services and content may be subject to their terms of use and privacy policies. We provide no warranty and are not responsible for such third-party services and content. Additionally, any third-party beneficiaries of the use of the Praman Platform are not part of the relationship between the User and Intello Labs or between Users. Access to the Praman services, by the User, through a third-party equipment, services and / or content is subject to the conditions stipulated in the terms and conditions applicable to the service of the third-party.

6.10 Regardless of whether Praman is aware or has been advised of the possibility of the following losses, expenses, or liabilities, Praman will not be liable to any User under any claim or theory for any special, consequential, or punitive damages, or for any lost profits, revenues, business, or data. Praman’s aggregate liability from any claims related to the transaction undertaken by a User on the Praman Platform will not exceed the total amount such User has paid to Praman for such transaction. The User states that this section 6.10  ic conspicuous, that it has read and understood them, and believes that they are reasonable.

We reserve the right to suspend for any period of time it will define, to cancel, at its discretion and whenever it deems necessary, to the extent permitted by law, the Praman Account of any User who violates or, regarding whom there is suspicion of violation, present or future, of any of the obligations under these Terms and Conditions and / or the law, namely in case of false information to be provided by the User.

8.2  All rights on the Praman platform are and remain the property of Intello Labs or its licensors. Neither these Terms and Conditions, nor the use of the services of the Praman platform, gives the User any rights:

8.3 The User is not authorized:

9.1 The User may not assign or transfer these Terms and Conditions, in whole or in part, without our prior written consent.

9.2 The User authorizes us to assign or transfer these Terms and Conditions, in whole or in part, to:

9.3 These Terms and Conditions do not determine the existence of any vertical relationship, partnership, work or agency relationship between the User, any third party and us.

9.4  If any provision of these Terms and Conditions is found to be unlawful, invalid or unenforceable, in whole or in part, under any law, such provision or part thereof shall to this extent be understood as not forming part of these Terms and Conditions, and the legality, validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. In this case, the part of the illegal, invalid or unenforceable provision shall be replaced by a (part of a) provision that is legal, valid and enforceable and that has, to the greatest extent possible, a similar effect to the provision or its illegal, invalid or unenforceable part, taking into account the contents and purpose of these Terms and Conditions.

9.5  We reserve the right to, at any time, alter these Terms and Conditions in any way. Whenever changes are made to the applicable Terms and Conditions, Users shall be presented, when accessing the Praman platform, a notice informing them of such fact and a request for acceptance of the new Terms and Conditions. Without this acceptance, Users shall not be able to continue to access and use the Praman platform. Any notices of modification of these Terms and Conditions shall also be published on the website: Changes made to the Terms and Conditions shall not be retroactive and shall not take effect within a period of less than fourteen (14) days after their publication. Changes to the Terms and Conditions that result from

9.6  The present Terms and Conditions, as well as any dispute arising from or related to the same, shall be subject to the Indian laws, and the courts of Gurugram shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any disputes arising out of these terms & conditions.

9.7  Grievance Officer: In compliance with Information Technology Act, 2000 and the Rules made thereunder, the Grievance Officer of Intello for the purpose of these Terms and Conditions shall be nishant@intellolabs.comwith email address:  We may change the aforesaid Grievance Officer from time to time.

(i) Act of God (such as, but not limited to, fires, explosions, earthquakes, drought, tidal waves and floods);

(ii) war, hostilities (whether declared or not), invasion, act of foreign enemies, terrorists, mobilisation, requisitions, or embargo;

(iii) riots, commotion, blockades, strikes, lock outs, or lockdowns mandated by a government authority or any restriction on movement of Agricultural Products imposed by a government authority.