How It Works

What We Offer

Digitizing Quality

We provide digital and spot quality assessments on trade accepted parameters that are instant and accurate.

Advanced Technology

Solving for traceability and trade settlement through 'smart' contracts.

Intello Grade: Precision And Intelligent Grading

Powered by the ingenuity of AI, Intello Grade combines sensors with data-driven analysis to give you a crystal clear picture of every nut, spice, fruit or vegetable. An unparalleled and hygienic build makes it effortlessly accessible, simplifying the sorting process and ensuring food safety compliance. A must have for buyers as well as sellers. It makes trade transparent and fair for both.

It can handle double the manual capacity and offers consistent, precise performance.

Intello Sort: World's First Multi Commodity, Multi-Channel , fully automated sorting line.

Use Case:

  1. At seller location to ensure full sorting of the Product

  2. At buyer location to accept or reject a produce objectively.

Intello Sort is revolutionary. The fully automated sorting line over 25 different fruits and vegetables on size, colour, defects & ripeness at high throughputs. 50% Cost Savings. 100% Delight.

Intello Pack: Automate And Accelerate Fresh Produce Weighing And Packing

Intello Pack provides precision packing driven by intelligence. An automated weighing and packing machine for fresh produce, it brings packing losses down to zero. Moreover at 25 units a minute it eliminates labour cost from packing completely.

The packing machine offers customizable, tamperproof and sealed packs, sizing from 250 gms to 50 kgs.

Intello Track - Custom-Built For Produce Quality Inspection and Traceability

Establish quality before you receive produce, be it at pre-harvest, field, packing or later, and confidently pay for the quality you order.


The Praman Exchange App offers a simple, secure, reliable platform for all your agri-trading needs. Download now to get started!