Praman is an agri-trade exchange platform for buyers and sellers across India with integrated quality assessment. It facilitates spot-trading, e-auctioning, and reverse-auctioning.

Currently, Praman supports the trading of fruits, vegetables, and spices - cardamom, onion, garlic, pomegranate, apple, potato, tomato and black pepper. Stay tuned as we are also in the process of introducing more commodities on the platform. Please note the availability of commodities is dependent on several factors.

To register, call us at +91-7058024056 or write to us at contact@praman.ai or whatsapp us on +91-8882929300 and our team will reach out to you.

We provide free registration to all our users.

To register, please provide basic KYC documents such as Aadhar Card, PAN card, Trading License and a cancelled cheque.

EMD is an earnest money deposit. You need to have the EMD amount in your virtual Praman wallet before the auction starts. You can transfer funds into your virtual account by RTGS or NEFT.

After registration and once you log in to the platform, you can see the list of upcoming slots on the homepage. You can select any time slot and auction to view, auction details, lot photos, and quality reports and participate in that auction. To watch our complete guide on e-auction participation, please click here (icon for YouTube)

When the auctions start, a message is displayed “the auctions are live”. On clicking the time slot, you will be able to bid in the auctions that you have registered for.

If you are winning the bid during the time of the auction, a message is displayed “You are the highest bidder!” If you are not winning the bid at the time of the auction you will be shown a message - “Please bid higher to win the auction.”

If you win the auction you will be shown a message - “Congratulations! You have won the auction with the highest bid”. You will then be re-directed to the payment section.

We use computer vision and AI-based algorithms to determine the surface quality of the produce using pictures of the produce from procurement to dispatch to receipt. Praman has become the benchmark of quality assaying for hundreds of farmers, farmer producer organizations, modern trade corporations, and general trade buyers across the country and the globe.

We ensure a fair and transparent final settlement and reconciliation process, which is embedded in quality assessment so that both the buyer and seller get the best. However, in the event of a dispute, a member of the Praman team will conduct an additional quality verification from our database which has all records of the transaction including the quality measurements and imaging.

Praman is armed with Intello Lab’s proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and Computer Vision technology.

Understanding the complex value chain to establish trade in these commodities, Praman has also integrated a full-stack array of services including logistics, warehousing, and credit facilitation for its users.