Praman ai June 20, 2022

Need for an Exchange Market platform to ease Spice Trade in India

Despite the pandemic, the country presently enjoys a dominant share in the global spice market by exporting 225 different spices and spice products to more than 180 countries. However, as most of the spice trading in India is still conducted in the traditional model, it brings with it a host of problems - especially in ensuring product quality. The traditional...

Praman ai June 6, 2022

Praman: Changing the Horticulture Trading Ecosystem

Although commodity markets have been around in India since 2002, agri commodities consist of only 12% of total trade in commodities. This is because of multiple issues; for instance, horticulture products are highly perishable in nature. In addition, there also is a lack of objective quality standardization. In addition, the...